SAFELipo® Liposuction

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Basner is one of a select group of surgeons specially trained and qualified to use the SAFELipo® liposuction method. This innovativewhich type of liposuction to choose | baltimore, md technique allows you to have beautiful, youthful, smooth skin without the contour irregularities that can be an unfortunate result of some other liposuction methods. To learn more about SAFELipo and to find out if you are a good candidate, please call us at (410) 616-3000. Dr. Basner is one of only a few surgeons to offer SAFELipo in the greater Baltimore area.

What makes SAFELipo different?

The "SAFE" in SAFELipo stands for separation, aspiration, fat equalization. The terms refer to the unique way this procedure works:

Separation: In this first step, the fat is prepared for removal by separating the fat globules from one another. This emulsification of the fat is gentle and does not traumatically tear the globules from each other and their surrounding blood vessels.

Aspiration: The next step is aspiration of the fat, which means to suction it out. The suctioning is much easier, efficient and less traumatic when it has been prepared with the separation step. As a result, you should have less bruising and swelling after surgery.

Fat Equalization: Finally, after the separated fat is suctioned away, Dr. Basner uses the fat equalization step to smooth out any irregularities in the thin layer of fat that remains using probes. It is absolutely necessary to have this thin layer of fat so that your skin looks smooth, youthful and natural. One of the more common complications of liposuction surgery is contour irregularity, in which the skin appears dimpled and uneven. With SAFELipo, the fat layer is smoothed out for a beautiful final result.

When choosing any type of liposuction method, particularly an innovative one like SAFELipo, it's important to choose a plastic surgeon experienced in the technique. Dr. Basner has gone above and beyond to not only demonstrate his skill and knowledge by attaining board certification, but also by receiving the training specific to the SAFELipo technique.

Advantages of SAFELipo

Dr. Basner uses SAFELipo because he has seen the numerous benefits it offers to our patients, such as:

  • Dramatically reduces the risk of contour irregularities
  • Reduces bruising and swelling after liposuction
  • Prepares fat for less traumatic, more efficient removal

This form of liposuction is also used to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).While BOTOX and Dysport can temporarily relieve symptoms of axillary hyperhidrosis, SAFELipo permanently reduces excessive sweat production so that you can feel more comfortable and confident.

The only way to know if SAFELipo can achieve your goals and provide the natural, youthful results you want is to visit Dr. Basner for an individualized consultation.

If you think you may be interested in liposuction using SAFELipo, please contact The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland to schedule a cosmetic consultation with our board-certified greater Baltimore plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Basner.