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Achieve a Flat, Toned Stomach with Exercise, a Healthy Diet and a Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is not a shortcut to achieve a flat, toned stomach. It takes exercise and a healthy diet to even get to the point where a tummy tuck can be effective. But no matter how many sit-ups you do, and no matter how careful you are with your diet, sometimes you just can’t get your stomach as flat as you hope it would be. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery can be a solution. A tummy tuck can finish off that last little bit of unwanted skin and fat to achieve a flat, toned stomach.

Board Certified in Plastic Surgery: What it Means for You

Why exactly is it so important for plastic surgeons to be board certified in plastic surgery? If you’re like most people, you probably assumed that every doctor has to be board certified to practice. Inevitably, that isn’t always the case. In fact, anyone who has a medical license can call himself or herself a surgeon, even without any formal training in plastic surgery.

Major Boards in North America

Get Your Beautiful Natural Results In 2013

It's no secret, Americans are getting fatter every year. As such, we are seeking ways to loose that fat, such as Bariatric Surgery. Then we want to fix the flaws that the obesity leaves behind, such as the flabby skin. While it is always the better to diet and exercise to lose that fat and tighten the skin as you go, that doesn't work as quick for most of us. We want things now.

Healthy Skin Is Yours To Have

Your skin tells the story of your life. From the scars of teen year acne to stretch marks of pregnancy to the dark spot of sun worshiping. Each of these can leave the tale-tell signs you would rather it didn't, but it also tells people who you are and what kind of person you are. With that being in said, The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland would like to offer you some simple health steps you can do that will keep your skin looking fabulous, no matter your age, for years to come.

Is Your Nose Making You Look Older?

Rhinoplasty offers many benefits and is a common requested procedure at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland. With a Rhinoplasty, the size of a patients nose is changes which will include the bridge and width, all of which changes a person's profile. For a person that has a droopy nasal tip, reshaping the nostrils is a great solution. A person with a nose that may be too small or too large for their face, a

Five Reason Alcohol Doesn't Mix With Surgery

Winding down 2012 now that we are in December, the holiday party season starts. This time of the year, Dr. Basner will see many patients here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland that are considering having a face lift, brow lift, tummy tuck or any of the other various cosmetic procedures in preparation of looking their best for these parties. We all want to look our best at our spouses company parties, right?

When Should You Consider A Facelift?

The skin that covers your face and neck becomes relaxed as you age and thus the wrinkles form. Between the cheeks and lips, the skin folds and deepens, giving your face that dreaded crease that shows signs of aging. In time, that loose cheek skin begins to hang below your jaw line. The skin around the neck becomes loose as well, giving us that 'turkey neck' look. Some of people will even have two bands around their neck, which accent when we smile or speak.

Five Problems Of Quick, Cheap Procedures

It seems like every day, somebody has a new way to get rid of unwanted bulges. Liposuction has become a popular choice, but we are starting to see Lipo-Alternatives now and experts warn that what they tout may not be what you get.

Marketing gimmicks are showing results that may or not be what you had in mind when you opted for that procedure. Many qualified doctors such as Dr. Adam Basner have many new patients come to them needing correction to botched jobs they received elsewhere.

Five problems that patients have experienced:


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