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Where You Live Effects Your Skin

When it comes to your skin, what part of the United States you live in can impact your skin's health. Some cities are worse for the skin during the summer and other cities are worse in the winter. If you reside in Portland, Oregon, good for your and your skin! However, if Las Vegas is home, not so lucky for you.

Are You A Tanaholic?

You may be a Tanaholic and not even realize it. For many people, usually starting in high school, going into college and beyond, the image they have of a healthy looking body is one that is has a deep, dark tan. For women, it may go even further by adding highlights and bronzer brushed to their cheekbones.

How Tanned Is Too Tanned?

A Frequent misconception about indoor tanning being more safe than tanning by outdoors with the sun. However, there are studies that have came to to the conclusion this is not accurate. The average of twenty minutes spent in a tanning bed will produce the same effect as four hours in the sun. Tanning beds expose you to just as much deadly UVA and UVB rays as the sun, giving you the equivalent risks as the sun.

Your Eyes – The Window To Your Being

The eyes are the second most important facial feature that people notice. They are window from which the soul shines through. As we age, the skin on our body begins to sag, and the eyelids are no exception. As aging happens in humans, the muscles that are holding up the eyebrows tend to grow weak with the wear and tear of life, and therefore the eyebrows may fall somewhat, no longer being "ideal".

Don't Get Burned by Spring Fever!

Spring is here, the birds are singing and the sun is bright after a long, cold winter. However, caution is advised! Spring weather can be misleading. There are evil hazards lying in wait! While the cool temperatures cloak the threatening risks of the bright sun and it's UV rays. Many of us don't realize that springtime is when the sun is at it's highest point in the sky and it's UV rays are stronger. As such, the energy from the sun heats up the atmosphere faster and hotter.

Top Doctor Is Voted Top Doc 2011

The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, you know right away you have made the right choice in selecting a doctor and staff for your personal needs. As you walk into the elegant setting that awaits you with private waiting rooms, you feel the confidentiality that Dr. Basner and his staff offer. You will also know right away why Dr. Adam Basner was recently voted by Baltimore Magazine to their Top Doctors 2011 list.

Protect The Girls – Pink Ribbons Unite!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You have to be living in a cave with no communication to the outside world to miss the talk about the many activities and functions to take place all month long that are targeted to bring even more awareness to this disease and the hope to find a cure. We have discussed how pink is the international color for Breast Cancer Awareness. You see it all year long, but during the month of October, everything is coming up pink. Why pink though?

Is Plastic Surgery Really Necessary For Job Seekers?

Last May, we discussed the declining job market and economy and how the American Society of Plastic Surgeons held an extensive telephone survey revealed numbers that were surprising, but yet not too surprising. When women were asked if they believe, in these challenging economic times, did appearance and youthful looks play a part in getting hired, getting a promotion? Almost the whole group, 73%, answered yes. That part wasn’t the surprising part.


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