5 Ways Breast Reduction Improves Your Life

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How Breast Reduction Improves Your Life

Tired of the discomfort of a large breast size? Breast reduction may be right for you. Consider just six of the many ways this procedure can improve your life, if you are a good candidate:

1. Boost your confidence and improve your body image. The way you feel about your body influences many aspects of your emotional and mental health. Constantly feeling bad about the size of your breasts is not something you should have to bear. Breast reduction enables many women to feel confident, beautiful and positive about their bodies.

2. Be as active as you want to be. Women with overly large breasts often feel limited in terms of exercise and physical activity. Large breasts can make running, working out, swimming and many other activities uncomfortable. Breasts that are more proportional to your body size can make a significant difference.

3. Find relief from related pain. Large, heavy breasts have a tendency to cause back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as irritation and chafing. You may also find you have tender indentations where your bra straps lay across your shoulders. Breast reduction effectively alleviates these sources of discomfort.

4. Easy to find flattering clothing options. Some women with larger breasts find it difficult to find tops and dresses that fit all of the measurements of their bodies. When the breast size is proportionate with the frame of the body, clothing may fit better.

5. Enhance the symmetry of your breasts. Every woman has some degree of asymmetry (breasts are not naturally identical to each other in size and shape). For some women, this asymmetry can be quite pronounced. Breast reduction not only modifies size and overall shape, it also improves symmetry.

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