7 Things to know about Tummy Tuck Surgery

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Researching tummy tuck surgery? The only way to know if it can achieve the outcomes you want is to visit experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Adam L. Basner for a consultation. But as you research, please consider our top 7 things to know about tummy tucks:

  1. Tummy tuck is also known as "abdominoplasty"
  2. This procedure flattens your abdominal area by removing  the loose, excess skin and fat
  3. When needed, a tummy tuck also includes tightening loose, separated muscles overlying the abdomen (which commonly results from pregnancy)
  4. It may remove stretch marks, if the stretch marks lay on the skin that is being removed
  5. Tummy tucks are a popular choice for people who have experienced physical changes caused by pregnancy, weight loss or the aging process
  6. You will be left with a scar from the incision, but it is generally well-hidden beneath underwear and bikinis
  7. Results from abdominoplasty are long-lasting

During your consultation, Dr. Basner will be happy to answer all of your questions and concerns about plastic surgery, tummy tucks and achieving your aesthetic goals.

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