A New Implant For Breast Cancer Survivors

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For many, many years, society has considered Breast Implants to be mostly for enhancing a woman's look, or in many cases, reconstructive surgery after cancer had been removed. What experts are researching and discovering now it they can also ward off cancer as well. Researchers have developed an implant that is being looked at for just this purpose, which could be a breakthrough miracle.

A research group made up of biomedical scientists, have developed a Breast Implant that exhibits promising indications that it may deter cancer cells. The material for these surfaces are being called 'bed-of-nails',which holds small protrusions that allow for a receptive surrounding for breast cells that are healthy and reject cancerous cells.

The implants were designed for patients that have reconstruction after undergoing a mastectomy surgery. Breast cancer occurs in every eight women here in the United States alone. Statistics show that every five of those women will undergo a relapse. Experts are hopeful that the recurrence rate will drop with this newest development.

According to the researchers involved with this development, report that the intentions of this high-tech surface will reduce cancerous cell functions with no need of chemotherapeutics or radiation. Cancerous cells are not able to gain the nutrients they need to survived through the “bed-of-nails” surface, which experts feel will minimize the chances of a breast cancer patients experiencing a relapse. The long term results of these new implants will require more research, but researchers are hopeful they have found a breakthrough.

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