Another Option To Plastic Surgery – Chin Implant

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The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland has seen an increase in chin augmentation inquiries. It is quickly gaining popularity over combined Breast Implants, Botox and Liposuction treatments.

Experts believe that many are seeking ways to make them look younger and a chin augmentation can do a great deal in that regard. The job market is tight and many unemployed people over the age of 30 and beyond feel that slim and youthful looks will give them an edge.

Also, the technology available today, for even those who work from home, feel the need to have that slim, youthful look due to online video chatting. Our self-image, the way we look at ourselves, is making us more aware of how the outside world sees us.

The chinplant procedure will affect both a facial profile as well as the face view. This procedure eliminates an imperfect chin, builds up the jawline by lifting droopy jowls. It will bring a balance to the overall face by taking the look of others from a large nose or bulging teeth.

For most patients this procedure can be completed within an hour or less. Dr. Basner will create a minor incision along the lower lip either in the mouth of under the chin. He will then create a pocket immediately in front of the jawbone. Then an implant that is of specific size for each patient, will be inserted into the pocket. Sutures are used to hold that implant in place.

There will be some bruising and swelling afterward, all of which will fade and disappear in short time. Eating, smiling and talking may be uncomfortable for a few days. Potential risks include asymmetry, bleeding, infection and perhaps sensory change. There have been some patients that have experienced the implant shifting, however this is very rare.

Unless removal is necessary, the implants are permanent. Call today to make your appointment for a consultation with Dr. Adam Basner here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland.