Are Breast Implants For You?

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So you are considering having breast implants done? That is a big decision, so you need to make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and think of the situation from every angle. There are many reasons one may choose to have breast implants done, not one of them are right or wrong for everyone either. Just as we all choose houses, cars and mates, we each have something different we’re looking for or need.

Regardless your reasoning, breast implants deserve a lot of thinking it through and asking yourself questions. Such as are you ready to handle the reactions of family, friends and even strangers afterwards? Just as there many reasons women have breast implants done there are just as many people that have just as many varying opinions about the procedure.

You need to be prepared for a variety of people's reactions, comments and questions. You should expect to receive negative remarks from those that oppose such things, as well as compliments and support. Everyone has an opinion and while many will keep it to themselves, there are those, even strangers that will be outspoken about breast implants.

Are you trying to improve your confidence and self esteem with a breast implant? If not, then what is your reasoning? Don’t choose to have a breast implant for your mate or to meet what you feel society’s standards is looking for. Speaking of society, you can expect to receive more unwanted sexual advances and uncomfortable attention after your breast implant. Make sure you are emotionally ready for these things and consider dressing conservatively to spare yourself any unwanted attention.

Have you done your homework and research on any possible complications you should expect? Just as any other surgery, breast implants pose possible problems as well. Are you ready to accept the possibilities of bleeding, capsular contracture, infection as well as possible breast implant rupture and leaking? You would be wise to research each of these and make sure you are willing and able to handle it all not just physically but emotionally and financially. Do a thorough research any and all risks and complications before submitting to the procedure.

Are you going into this breast implant procedure financially prepared? While there are many loan programs out there that are affordable in general, make sure the payments are something you can afford. Like anything else you finance, the higher a down payment you can make, the lower the monthly payment will be. If you are going into debt for this breast implant, make sure it is worth it to you in the long run.

In regards to the financial part, when you research the complications, what is the average recovery time of each? You need to make sure you have money set aside to live from just incase your recovery time isn’t as quick as expected. With the job market in the condition it is today, you want to make sure your employment is secure in case you need additional time off. If this is an elective surgery, the guidelines of time off may be different than for required surgery. Verify with your Human Resources department and read up on all the policies in this regard.

Following doctor’s order are a must for a good recovery. That includes going back to work as well as other activities you may partake in such as an exercise class. Even going out with friends will take more from you post surgery than you realize. So make sure you don’t schedule your breast implant procedure during holiday times when you would normally be shopping, decorating and partying. It can take as long as three weeks to recover if all goes well and there are no complications. Schedule your breast implant accordingly.

Have you selected which material you’ll be using, Silicone or Saline? Chances are your plastic surgeon has discussed this with you already, but if not, do your research and ask questions. Silicone can be found in everyday stuff like lotions, quartz, rocks and soaps. It is made from the earth. If you are having a breast implant is for a reconstructive, or correction of a congenital deformity, this is a very common choice by doctors.

While there were many problems with silicone in the 90’s, there has been improvements made and the FDA has approved the product for those over the age of 22 years old. The silicone gel mocks that of human fat and gives a natural feel and look to the final results.

Another material to consider is saline. This is more flexible when your breast implants need a fix or volume increase. If you are having a breast implant done to give your existing breast a lift with enhancement, saline is the choice. The shell of saline implants is prefilled before being placed inside you as opposed to filling them up afterwards.

Breast implant procedure is a big commitment, it may seem like a long process before it’s all said and done. It can be exhausting getting through all the hurdles not to mention there will be some discomfort as well. Once you have done your research and discussed all your concerns with your doctor, you should feel confident that breast implant is for you with no doubt. After all, the end result should be what makes you happy with yourself, that’s what it is all about.

If you are still not certain a surgery is not right for you, give us a call at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland and schedule a consultation. The professional staff is here to answer questions, provide information and a meeting with Dr. Basner may be just what you need to make your decision one way or the other.