Are Cosmetic Procedures an Important Tool For Job Hunters?

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There has been some reports in recent weeks of an improving job market, but anyone out there looking will tell you that it is still very tough. These days many women are considering plastic surgery or other cosmetic medical procedures as a way of gaining an edge in a very competitive environment.

Last year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons carried out an extensive telephone survey. One of the questions asked women if they believe, particularly in these challenging economic times, that appearance and youthful looks play a part in getting hired, getting a promotion, or getting new clients. 73% answered yes. Roughly 80% of the respondents felt that having cosmetic medical procedures can boost a person's confidence. A surprising 3% of the women responding to this phone survey had already had work done in the hopes that it would be an advantage in the workplace.

It's a cruel irony that time is a factor in both experience and aging. Prospective employers value the experience on your resume but may (often subconsciously) have a negative response to the effect that those years of experience have had on your face.

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