Are You A Tanaholic?

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You may be a Tanaholic and not even realize it. For many people, usually starting in high school, going into college and beyond, the image they have of a healthy looking body is one that is has a deep, dark tan. For women, it may go even further by adding highlights and bronzer brushed to their cheekbones.

For many people, Dr. Basner knows that being tanned makes them feel fit and in shape. The heat from tanning beds, tanning lamps or the direct sun gives them a rush of endorphins not to mention the immediate results of the darker toned skin. Even though we may go through those teen years using Sunscreen with minimal protection, if they didn't have the proper amount of SPF, it really isn't doing much service to your skin.

If you see this describing you, it's not too late to change your tanning habits. You don't have to totally stop and spend the days inside. You can control your tanning habits and not be that Tanaholic or tan freak, such as that mom that recently made headlines by supposedly taking her young daughter in the tanning booth too.

It is so easy to turn your dedication of staying bronzed and tanned in to a healthier way of living, simply by becoming educated and tanning in moderation. Take the time to learn which Sunscreens are right for your skin and your level of outdoor activity. Dr. Basner can not stress enough to his patients that no two people are the exact same!

The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland staff reminds us that a Sunscreen protection should have moisturizer that will prolong a tan and help eliminate any UV damage. There are products on the market you can choose, with some education and knowledge, that will treat you sunburn helping it to heal properly too. If all the products on the market are confusing, refer to this blog for a guideline or call us for help.

You may have already done some damage to your skin over the years, but it's not too late to change your tanning ways. Tan in moderation and make sure you are covered with the correct SPF level for your skin, from head to toe! You can wean yourself from the days of being deeply bronzed and look forward to skin that is bright, fresh and healthy for many years to come.