Ariel Winter Describes Benefits of Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction in BaltimoreLast month, news broke that 17-year-old Modern Family star Ariel Winter had undergone breast reduction that took her from an F cup to a D cup. In an exclusive interview with Glamour, the young star described the physical and emotional pain she had been struggling with as a result of having large, heavy breasts. Here are some of the most salient points from that interview:

  • Ms. Winter could not find clothes that fit. She says the breaking point came when she was swimsuit shopping and literally could not find a suit that fit her right.
  • Her breasts caused physical pain, especially when standing for extended periods of time.
  • At awards shows and on the red carpet, Ms. Winter always wore tight, form-fitting clothes that some people said were not appropriate for her age. She tells Glamour she really didn't have a choice, because her large breast size meant that other types of clothing just didn't look right on her frame.
  • Ms. Winter tells Glamour she "feels like a new person" because of breast reduction. The confidence she previously had to fake is now genuine.
  • Although Ms. Winter has been the object of internet ridicule and bullying about her large breast size, she says she made the decision to undergo breast reduction for herself, not to please anyone else.

Even if you aren't a celebrity like Ms. Winter, perhaps you can relate to the feeling of being in the spotlight, as though people are only seeing your breasts instead of seeing you. Having overly large, heavy breasts also leads to physical pain, and may interfere with your comfort while exercising, running and generally being active. Breast reduction surgery may be the right option to restore your confidence and comfort.

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