Better Than Botox, Really!

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As we age, the collagen in our body decreases allowing more creases, lines and wrinkles to appear on our face. While some say those are just character marks of life, most of us would much rather keep that young look for as long as possible. Especially in today's time when job hunting, or if you find yourself back in the dating game again. It's good to have the experience but you don't necessarily want to look it, right?

Dr. Adam Basner has joined other plastic surgeons in offering our clients a dermal filler called Sculptra Aesthetic. Perhaps you have considered Botox, Juvederm or Restylane, but Sculpta Aesthetic is an alternative, non-invasive treatment that is new and gaining more popularity.

While those other products are great and still serve a purpose, Sculptra Aesthetic is an FDA approved injectable which not only fills in those creases, lines and wrinkles, it also helps your skin to regenerate it's collagen production.

Where those other fillers lаst for a just a few months, Sculptra results can last up to two years making it more cost-effective as it stimulates your the fibroblasts of your skin, which generates new collagen. One down side is that while it does last longer, it also takes longer to start working and requires as many as three visits to The Plastic Surgery Center Of Maryland to have the injections. The process takes longer each visit as well because the Sculptra is injected deeper than other fillers.

Sometimes quicker is not always best and most of Dr. Basner's patients that have undergone the Sculptra treatments find it to be well worth the longer process and extra visits. Made from poly-L acid, Sculptra is for treatment of the nose, mouth and chin. Unlike Botox, it is a toxic-free filler which eases many patients mind. Unlike having surgery, your face won't have that pulled, tight look that can make you look like you had work done.

Sculpta has nо animal оr human ingredients, no allergy testing is needed and very little bruising or swelling is experienced. Patients leave The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland to attend an event the same day and nobody knows the difference. As you socialize, dance and dine the night away, Sculptra is working to grow more collagen in your skin.

While Sculptra іѕ not а quick fix, it does give you natural looking results that will enhance your looks for a longer period of time and work to improve the collagen level of your own skin. With this new filler, Dr. Basner can help reveal your beauty and give you back that youthful look.