Bigger Is Not Always the Goal

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When you hear the words 'breast augmentation' you probably automatically think of the purpose of the procedure will be to enlarge the breast. While this is true many times, it is not always the case. Even though this procedure involves implants, they are not necessarily going to increase the size of the breast. If the patient is happy with the size she had prior, a plastic surgeon will respect the patient’s wish and guide the surgery accordingly.

So you may ask why go through the procedure of a breast augmentation if not to increase the size? Well, many times the procedure is to lift or reshape the breasts. As we age, it is common for the 'law of gravity' to take over, and breasts lose their shape. Sometimes, patients that have lost a considerable amount of weight will experience their breasts have lost their shape as well. In both cases, the breasts have a deflated, droopy look. There are cases where women who have been large breasted their whole life may experience the droopy look just based on the natural law of gravity. At this point, many women may not want larger breast, they simply want to have the look they did when they were younger or before their weight-loss.

When having a breast augmentation done to improve your shape, small implants will be necessary. The implant is inserted on the bottom side of the breast through an incision just below the nipple. The implant will give the breast lift and a fuller look. In rare cases it is sometimes necessary for the implant to be inserted above the nipple, and extreme cases, it may be necessary for the implants to be inserted both above and below. There are some cases where the nipples may need to be repositioned to maintain a natural look, just as the skin and muscles are tightened during the procedure as well.

After a breast augmentation, you can expect some discomfort and swelling for a few days. Your doctor will prescribe medications and it is important to follow his instructions completely, including getting plenty of rest and keep all appointments afterwards. A breast augmentation can make you feel better about the way you look. Take the time to research and interview several doctors and choose a reputable surgeon. Call The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland today and set an appointment for your consultation. Come prepared with what you want correct and what you expect for an outcome. Dr. Basner and his staff look forward to being a part of the new you.