Blepharoplasty Maintains Status in Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures

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Eyelid surgery to reduce saggy eyelids

Blepharoplasty (also known as eyelid surgery)  continues to be a popular procedure among men and women in the US, according to the latest statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Although blepharoplasty was down 1 percent in 2015 from the previous year, it was still the number 4 cosmetic surgical procedure overall. The top 5 list from the ASPS statistics is as follows:

  1. Breast augmentation
  2. Liposuction
  3. Nose reshaping
  4. Eyelid surgery
  5. Tummy tuck

ASPS says 203,934 blepharoplasty procedures were performed in 2015. This rejuvenating procedure lifts sagging, puffy eyelids to a more youthful position.

As you age, it's normal for your upper eyelids to become puffy and droopy, which can cause you to lose the arched, curved eyelid shape of your youth. You may have problems with your lower eyelids too, which can sag down from the bottom crescent of your eye. Fat deposits below the lower eyelids can settle and concentrate, forming bags and dark hollows beneath your eyes. Blepharoplasty addresses all of these eyelid problems and others, allowing you to feel more confident about your facial appearance.

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