Breast Cancer Awareness – Part 1

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness and as we have in the past, The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland blogs will be dedicated to this subject for the next 4 weeks. This week our focus is on What is Breast Cancer and What Causes Breast Cancer.

Cancer is a fast growing disease, no matter what part of the body it starts. A broad term to classify many diseases that are defined by abnormal cells ... Cancer, The big "C" word that we all fear, for ourselves and our loved ones. These abnormal cells will grow then invade the healthy cells in our body. As the name would indicate, Breast Cancer, consist of a group of cells in the breast. They then spread and invade tissues surrounding the breasts as well as move to other parts of the body if not caught in time.

Cancer starts in the cells which are the primary building blocks known as the tissues and are all throughout your body. For some reason, and researchers are looking diligently for that reason, cell growth process goes awry then new cells grow when your body really doesn’t need them. Then cells that are damaged or old don't die. This causes a build up of cells which will turn into a mass of tissue that become a growth, lump or tumor.

Breast Cancer happens when malignant tumors grow in the breast. When these cells break away from the original tumor, they spread then enter the blood or lymph vessels. From there they spread out even more throughout the tissues of your body. As they travel through your body, they begin to damage your organs and other tissues.

When you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, your curiosity of what causes this disease are natural. Research is finding a lot out about Breast Cancer, we are further along today than we were just a few years ago. However, still today, nobody has found what exactly causes Breast Cancer. There are still no clear cut reasons why some women will have Breast Cancer while other don't. One thing that doctors and researchers do know for certain is that the cells of our DNA is damaged by Breast Cancer.

Researchers have been able to narrow down certain risk factors that are linked to the development of Breast Cancer. Consuming alcohol is know to be a risk factor, but more importantly, a family history of Breast Cancer is the strongest risk factor found today. Simply because you do drink or there have been women your family that have had Breast Cancer, doesn't necessarily mean that you will get breast cancer, but they should be the indicators that encourage you to get annual Breast Cancer screenings.

We can't stress enough how important it is for our patients and their loved ones to take the time for self-checks and schedule those mammograms. Reveling The Beauty In You from the inside out is the focus here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland.