Breast Cancer Awareness – Part 2

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The Big Question - What Causes The Growth Of Breast Cancer?

Even though, we know a lot about this evil disease, there is still a lot we don't know yet. Even what we do know, we don't understand completely and that is where research comes into play. Some things we do know though is that there are three ways that cancer spreads:

1. When the cells in our body are damaged, more damaged cells and tumor growth are replicated.

2. The chemicals and hormones in our body accelerate tumor growth.

3. Cancer is carried by the lymph and blood vessels throughout our body.

Cells That Are Damaged

Our organs and tissues in our body are the basic building blocks for healthy cells. However, when the cells of our body, our DNA, is damaged, the mutated cells begin to quickly reproduce. This aggressive growth of mutated cells form a tumor, also called mass of tissue, that doesn't operate intended by the original wiring diagrams of our body. These abnormal cells cells then progress into Breast Cancer, which many times will spread to the rest of our body.

Growth Is Accelerated

Although estrogen, progesterone, and a growth hormones each are important for our body's health, often, cancer cell growth is fueled by them, thus making the growth of Breast Cancer hard to grasp. The are the accelerators that make the Breast Cancer tumors grow.

The growth hormone, HER2/neu gene, serves as a receptor and have the proteins that direct how a breast cell grows, divides, and repairs itself. Approximately one fourth of Breast Cancer patients do not have a properly functioning HER2 gene. Therefore, it creates abundance copies of itself that is called “HER2 gene amplification.” Those extra genes then tell the cells to make more HER2 receptors, and ultimately, Breast cells grow and divide uncontrollably.

The Body's Lymph System

The lymph system,consists of lymph vessels and lymph nodes that run throughout your body and is part of your immune system. This lymph system carries disease-fighting cells and fluids in the same way the blood circulatory system carries elements through your body. Bean-shaped lymph nodes, clustered together, are fixed in throughout your lymph system and are filters that carry abnormal cells away from healthy tissue.

Again, Dr. Adam Basner and the staff at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, can not stress enough the importance in taking the time to do self-checks and get your annual mammogram. Revealing The Beauty In You from the inside out is our focus here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland.