Breast Cancer Awareness – Part 4

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Male or female, black, white, Asian or other, we are all born with some breast cells and tissue. While men's breasts aren't milk-producing like a woman's breasts, they can still develop cancer in their cells and tissue. While breast cancer is more common among women , worldwide we need to be aware of men with possibility of breast cancer too. Breast Cancer, like all cancers, isn't prejudice to sex, creed, color or nationality.


We've covered Breast Cancer in this blog all month in recognition of October being Breast Cancer Awarness month. This disease of the breast consists of malignant cells in the breast. Once those cells are damaged, they go forth and invade other tissues of the body. However, early detection and treatment can give most people a normal life.


Breast Cancer is more common among women and will be diagnosed in one out of eight women Breast cancer is the second highest cause of death among women Over 220,000 women in the U.S. Alone are diagnosed with Breast Cancer each year More than 40,000 of those diagnosed will die While the diagnosis is rare in men, over 2,000 men will be diagnosed and 410 are estimated to die from Breast Cancer


Male breast cancer and female breast cancer share symptoms. Such as lumps in the breasts. When a man or woman finds something that seems odd or unusual in their breasts, it is of the utmost importance to contact their physician as soon as possible. Early detection is the key to surviving Breast Cancer for everyone.


Although the outcome to treatment is similar when detected in the same stage, men that have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer are urged to see a genetics counselor as well. When men test positive for a defective gene that indicates possible diagnosis of Breast Cancer in the future, he should be aware that his children may carry the gene as well.


The decline in prescriptive hormone therapy seems to be connected to slight reduction in Breast Cancer among women. As well, since 1990, the death rate from Breast Cancer has declined. This is greatly in part of the better detection and screening and improved treatment as well as increasing the awareness worldwide.

Dr. Adam Basner and the staff at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland want to remind our patients and prospective patients that now is the time to do a self-check or schedule a mammogram. While October is the month of awareness, we need to be aware of it year round. Revealing The Beauty In You from the inside out is our focus here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland.