Breast Cancer Awareness Lighting Up Social Media

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Breast Cancer is one of largest causes of death among women. Many companies such as The Estee Lauder Company are taking on focused campaigns to bring more attention to this disease and find a cure. As such and in coordination with the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, on September 27th The Estee Lauder Company began a makeover with their social media efforts. This included the launching of a new app and website on Facebook as well as YouTube and Tumblr integration.

With an online press conference, Elizabeth Hurley, the spokesmodel for The Estee Lauder Company, kicked off the Shine a Light on Breast Cancer campaign. As Ms. Hurley stated, it is hoped that moms, aunts, grandmas will be encouraged by Twitters all over to make their doctor appointment and follow through with self-examinations if they aren’t already. It is hoped that those on-line will become the bully of the family and force these doctor visits and examinations.

All around the world from Los Angeles to Chile to Dubai, Este Lauder’s campaign has taken on a shape that illuminates buildings. The intention of the Faceback app is to build even more off the concept of global illumination to bring even more attention to this disease. The ubiquitous pink breast cancer ribbon that was launched in 1992 by Estee Lauder’s campaign was the start of this world wide recognition.

By combining social media with this social cause, the Facebook app Shine a Light On Breast Cancer will share a message to all who suffer from breast cancer by adding a pink dot on the world map. It is hoped that this map will be become a brighter pink with more and more people adding their words of hope. With this combination of social media and this social cause, everyone and anyone can play a part in lighting the world up pint and raise even more awareness.