Breast Enlargement Options

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Breast Implant Options in Towson MD

Breast implants have helped numerous women accomplish a wide variety of cosmetic goals. You may get them to improve fullness or symmetry, or you may need them for reconstructive purposes after a mastectomy.

Whatever your individual desire for pursuing breast augmentation, there are several implant-related options you can discuss with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Basner. Such options include saline vs. silicone implants, smooth or textured, as well as size.

Silicone implants are filled with a silicone gel, which has a highly similar look and feel to real breasts. Saline implants are filled with a sterilized salt water. Saline implants run the risk of rippling, but oftentimes they can be well-concealed beneath breast tissue or the chest muscle.

Gummy bear, or form-stable implants are made of a silicone filling that is much more cohesive. The cohesiveness of these implants means they can be less likely to rupture and that they maintain their shape in the event of a rupture.

There are lots of breast implant options to consider! Dr. Basner is extensively experienced with breast augmentation, and he can help you to understand all aspects of the procedure. He wants you to feel confident about the final choices you make.

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