But I Want To Pout!

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Many women today are looking to get for themselves the plump and sexy lips that they were denied by their divine creator. There are many forms of lip augmentation today on many of the most popular lip augmentation products. Before taking this step, you need to think through all the benefits lip enhancement will provide, but also some of the inherent risks of lip enhancement procedures.

The benefits of having your lips enhanced are usually apparent. First and most common reason is self esteem. This may sound like a weak reason, but it is true. When your looks match your personality, your self-esteem increases and life can be so much more fun.

With enhanced self esteem comes a better attitude. When you feel good about yourself, you have more positive energy about all the other things of your life. A positive attitude brings positive results! When you have that positive energy radiating from you, you draw more people and will make more friends. Let’s not forget your love life either! When you are feeling good about yourself, you sex life will bet better too. An increase in their libido has been reported by many patients of lip augmentation.

As any medical procedure, there is a down side and an element of risk to having lip augmentation too. The pain and discomfort you may experience is usually short term but in some cases it can last as long as the effects of the procedures do.

There is always the chance for the effects to be lopsided. At The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, Dr. Basner and the staff take every precaution to assure the injections you receive are done properly so that you have that beautiful, sexy smile that you want.

There are some patients that have allergic reactions. With some lip augmentation products, in particular those that include natural elements have been known to cause allergic reactions.

The cost of lip augmentation is not cheap. As anything, the more popular it becomes and is used, the cost will come down. However, right now it is still costly and keep in mind, that it is temporary. Today, lip augmentation usually lasts only six to eight months which will require having the procedure repeated to keep that sexy, full lip smile you want.

While many of the Never before has there been such a large amount of interest and inquires about lip enhancement opportunities, you should think through the pros and cons listed above and make your own list as well. If you still have questions, make an appointment today for a consultation with Dr. Basner. The goal at The Surgery Center of Maryland is Revealing The Beauty In You.