But Mom! Everyone Else Is Getting It!! Teens and Cosmetic Surgery

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It's nothing new, for generations, teens have always wanted to look like the actresses, actors and other famous people they see on the big screen, television ads and magazines. Today though, with cosmetic surgery so easily available, the amount of cosmetic surgery being performed has increased. In fact, many experts are concerned that is becoming an epidemic and parents are concerned as well.

Cosmetic surgery can enhance parts of the body and change a person's appearance. Anything from an enhancement or reduction of the breasts, reshaping of the nose and liposuction which is the removal of fat deposits in a specific area in the body. Nobody knows that better than us here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland.

While adults are having cosmetic surgery in effort to hold on to their youth, teens, as young as 12 years old, are subjecting themselves to plastic surgery of various kinds in order to belong and look more acceptable to their friends and the people around them.

With what plastic surgeons such as Dr. Adam Basner know and the techniques they have, cosmetic surgery is not only effective but safer than in years past. However, for anyone, especially young people, it can cause stress to the body. A reputable cosmetic surgeon will make sure a teen that comes to them for a procedure is psychologically ready to go through an aesthetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is a relatively safe procedure today. However, there is a condition called Body Dysmorphic Disorder. This is a disorder that people who are overly obsessed about their looks, they see flaws that do not exist. People that suffer from this condition are not good candidates for any type of cosmetic surgery.

Teenagers tend to grow at different rates. Therefore, before Dr. Basner considers performing cosmetic surgery of any type on a teenager , he will assess their physical maturity. For instance if the teen is still growing, still in puberty, Dr. Basner may recommend waiting a while. Often times, Mother Nature takes care of the things that is bothering the teen, such as breast enhancements.

Another thing about Mother Nature and time, the emotional maturity of a teen changes. If your teen changes their mind or does things spur of the moment, they are most likely not the best candidate for cosmetic surgery. Their desire for a nose job is many times a phase and it will pass.

Dr. Basner will discuss with both the parent and the teen the procedure they are considering and give you the realistic expectations. While cosmetic surgery can give amazing results, it is not a miracle worker. Your teen won't be automatically the post popular or most liked at school. It certainly won't make their grades shoot to Honor Roll level. Nor will it make the relationship between you and your teen better.

When you come to The Plastic Surgery Cent er of Maryland, make sure you understand your teen's reason for wanting to have cosmetic surgery. You should ask them exactly what their goal is and what are their expectations of their life afterward? If they are hoping to improve their self-image, there may be something more serious at hand. Or they may just want a certain cosmetic procedure because “everyone else is getting it done”.

It is important for you as the the parent to discuss your teen's reasoning and make sure they see the logic and understand the possible consequences. Along with Dr. Basner, the parent needs to help the teen make the decision that is best for themselves.