Butt Lift Bottoms Up!!

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The popularity of cosmetic surgery has increased greatly the past ten years, with reconstructive operations having the biggest soar of interest. Anyone who is unhappy with their looks after a, weight loss or maybe because of an accident, are seeking cosmetic procedures to feel better about themselves.

With the technology and what plastic surgeons such as Dr. Adam Basner know, a patient can have many options of procedures that can correct the flaws and enhance their body. Among the most impressive procedures is a Belt Lipectomy or, more commonly known as a lower body lift or butt lift. For anyone that has gone through a large weight loss, a body lift (butt lift) removes and tightens the excess skin around the stomach, buttocks and thighs. Anyone that is considering losing weight surgically may consider having this procedure done as well.

A Belt Lipectomy is in reality is compiled of three different surgical procedures. A tummy tuck, a thigh lift and a buttock lift which can be broke up into three different stages or if the patient is up to it and Dr. Basner feels it is safe, it can be one all at one time. This surgical procedure involves removing and tightening the excess skin and fat in the patient's midsection.

With a weight loss, there are some patients that end up a derriere with no shape. Dr. Basner can inject fat here and give the patient a shapely derriere. Depending on the patient and the amount of procedure planned, Dr. Basner will issue intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. As Dr. Basner closes the surgery, he will shape the skin to enhance the figure during the operation as well.

You can expect some discomfort after your lower body (butt lift) procedure. Dr. Basner will recommend or prescribe pain medication if needed. Dr. Basner will place bandages over the incision sites and prescribe a special garment to be worn for several weeks afterward that helps support the area and reduce swelling. Most patients return to work after three weeks with full functionality, however, you should avoid any straining or strenuous activities, heavy lifting or vigorous exercise for several weeks. Each patient is different and Dr. Basner will make the decision when it is safe for you to resume your normal activities.

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks involved. Some patients have experienced infection, bleeding and minor wound healing problems. However, any significant complications have been rare. You can expect a permanent scar, which could be rather long, but the incisions are positioned where nearly all bathing suits and under wear can conceal them. For most patient's, the benefits outweight the scars.

Having a lower body lift (butt lift) can make for dramatic change in appearance and allow for a person to feel more comfortable not only with themselves and their clothes, but how everyone else sees them. For those who have undergone changing their lifestyle with the goal to be healthier, getting the body they want is deserved.

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