Cosmetic Surgery on the Rise since the Great Recession of 2008

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Recent 2013 statistics released from the ASAPS revealed that cosmetic surgery is on the rise since the great recession of 2008. This is good news for cosmetic surgeons all around the country, but more importantly, it means people are working again.

Jack Fisher, MD and President of ASAPS had this to say about the upward movement, “Technological advances, less-invasive procedures, greater accessibility are making aesthetic procedures, surgical and nonsurgical, far more attractive to the public at-large. Further, the rebounding economy is encouraging people to start investing in themselves once again.” Cosmetic Surgery on the Rise

New Technological Advances in the Cosmetic Surgery Industry

In his quote, Dr. Fisher mentions technological advances in cosmetic surgery. What might some of these advances be?

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures to date. One of the major advancements in breast augmentation has been the development of new silicone breast implants with a teardrop shape that mimic the natural shape of the breast. In addition to the new selection of breast implant shape, breast enlargement through fat grafting has been on the rise since the great recession of 2008, offering more choices for people considering breast augmentation.

Non-invasive procedures have become more popular as technology advancements have made them much more successful. Fat reduction procedures like cryolypolysis or reduction through cooling, are non-invasive alternatives to liposuction.

Minimally invasive plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, typically using injections such as BOTOX, for the face have seen a rise in recent years as advancements are being made in formulations.

Cosmetic Surgery Industry has a Good Outlook on the Future

All in all, the cosmetic surgery numbers seen in 2013 have greatly improved since the great recession in 2008. Technology is playing a big part in the advancement of these procedures, meaning the development of new surgical, minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures.

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