Dark Skinned Women Have Different Skin Needs

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The latest craze in local department stores and women's magazines is “BB cream” which is short for 'beauty balm' or 'blemish balm'. The claim to fame for BB cream it will not only guard against UV rays but it will reduce oiliness, redness and even out skin tone too.

BB creams has been around since the 1950's when it was used as treatment postoperative to heal and protect the skin. Women of Asian decent have been using this product since the 1980's to perfect their complexion. African American women have finally been able to use this miracle product when the more daily known make-up companies such as Garnier, Maybelline and Smashbox introduced it to their lines.

Women of darker skin, such as African American, Asian or Indian have different skin conditions to be aware of when choosing cleansers, make-up and moisturizers. Experts have offered how these BB creams are beneficial for women of dark skin, one of it's biggest is the many shades of dark it is available in.

Also, a common complaint from women of color are the dark spots a pimple leaves on their skin giving them uneven skin tone. These new 'miracle' creams have the ingredients needed to give the level of moisturizer and sun protection where dark skinned women can use them for their foundation and primer. The protection these BB creams give dark skin women is preventing their skin from getting darker and keeping their skin tone even.

Where dark skinned women experience a darkening of their skin is their cheeks, forehead and upper lip. These BB creams address those areas as well as give them the ability to cover up rosacea and acne lesions. Mistakenly, many dark skinned women think that sunscreen is not necessary for them since they are dark skinned.

IF you were to compare one light skinned woman in her 70s to a dark skinned woman in her 70s, the darker skinned woman will have a better, smoother look to her skin. Dark skin survives the sun's UV rays better because the melanin contained in dark skin aids in blocking the sun's effects.

However, no matter the color of our skin, the sun is the enemy and knows no difference in color when prematurely aging your skin. This is a wonderful bonus of BB creams that darker skinned women benefit from is the main ingredient provides complexions sunscreen. Ingredients in these BB creams such as dimethicone, pearl powder and silicas bounce the UV rays off the skin, keeping it radiant and hiding any flaws as well.

While BB creams were intended to be used as an all in one that included foundation, moisturizer, primer and sunblock, many experts such as Dermatologist are concerned that since the recommended instructions for BB creams is to apply lightly, it won't provide proper UV protection. Many still recommend to their patients to first apply a traditional sunblock and then the BB cream.

Also, while BB creams give a light coverage that keeps you looking natural, they do not offer a good coverage for red lesions. As such, numerous women use BB creams as primers for before they apply foundation.

One misunderstanding of BB creams is that some claim to regenerate your skin. Dermatologists advise us that Vitamin A is the best ingredient to regenerate skin. BB creams do not have retinoids and that ingredient is essential in regenerating skin.

As with any product that you'll be using on your face, try a sample first. While applied to your face, view yourself in artificial light and natural light. Remember most of all that what is wonderful for your best friend may not be so wonderful for you.