Did They Have Acne In The Dark Ages?

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If you’re combating acne breakouts, you’re not alone! It is estimated that almost 50 million Americans have acne. Good news though! There are many new approaches for solving this problem now. Products and treatments are more effective than before.

First you need to get your hormones under control. This is not so easy for the teen years, but as you move into young adulthood and up, you can learn to control things that are causing the breakouts. For 54 percent of women surveyed, they juggle more activities and time than men. That juggling takes a tol on the body both mentally and physically, stressing us out.

Stress spikes your hormones which causes an increase in your body's oil production, thus acne breakouts. Emotional problems can also increase your hormone activity. Some women have found that birth control pills help in decreasing acne. Discuss this option with your medical doctor.

You may have more than one problem causing your acne breakouts, which means you may need to tackle two issues at the same time. As and adult, it is stressful enough having an acne breakout already. Then having to worry about other skin conditions as well, taking care of one problem could make the other problem worse.

Dr. Basner recommends the use of active ingredients that are in smaller percentages but will be consistent in producing the same results as larger doses. This can be a balancing act at first so that you don't dry out your skin, but it can be obtainable.

There are plenty of wonderful cleanser and lotion products on the market now that are specific for adult acne that contain mild concentrations of salicylic acid. Ginger Root is a wonderful ingredient to look for that will ease inflammation and increase cell turnover.

Once you have found the combination of products that are right for your skin, make sure you don't overdose on them. Be aware of the ingredients, especially an ingredient like Salicylic Acid. While it is great in removing dead cells and excess oil by getting inside your pores,take care in the dosage used. Remember the old saying “Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.” Salicylic Acid can harm your skin if used too much by drying out the skin.

If your doctor has you on prescriptions for acne products and retinoids, it can be difficult to find products that won't dry out or irritate your skin, or worse, make your skin more sensitive in the sun. Find a product that contains Zinc, it will absorb the oils on the surface as well as provide a matte finish. As well, find cleanser foams that will remove makeup and oils, protect your skin barrier to hold in moisture and help your skin absorb water.

Recent studies have found that Thyme might be the missing ingredient for treating acne. It was discovered that by placing letting Thyme, Marigold and Myrrh steep in alcohol, tinctures were created. The Thyme tincture was found to have the strongest antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Thyme could be the next hot product in battling the inflammation caused by acne. Not found on the aisle of all the skin care products at your local drug store, visit the natural, organic stores.

When you have tried all the products on the market, your medical doctor has prescribed medicines, there are some people that won't find relief or cures. Then, at that point, you probably need something more aggressive and that's where Dr. Adam Basner and The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland comes the rescue. Make an appointment with us today for a consultation and discuss the options Dr. Basner has to offer you. The quest to have clear, healthy skin is nothing new. Once humans invented mirrors, looks became issue. However, 8,000 years later and thanks to some of the newest breakthroughs in acne remedies and medical treatment, treatment to have that perfect complexion has come out of the dark ages.