Don’t Despair – You Can Have That Pout Back!

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Many women want fuller, pouty lips because it makes them feel alluring, sexier and youthful looking, and they are willing to spend the money to get that look too. Yes, full lips are youthful, just like a wrinkle free face and no grey hair. However, as we mature, our lips become thinner and less attractive. At that point, many give up wearing lipstick since it appears that they have no lips. Often times as the lips begin to disappear and vertical lines appear giving women a mature, ancient look.

At The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, it didn’t surprise us to find out that even men desire to have softer, fuller lips too. With men, thin lips give them a hard edge look, which is fine in the board room or on the construction site. However, if to feel young and vibrant, alluring to women, men want that fuller look too. They want to look attractive, boyish and younger just as women want to.

So what makes our lips thin out and virtually disappear? Our lips are a soft and tender tissue and as we begin to mature, the tissues shrink as the volume dissipates. Dr. Adam Basner offers several solutions here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland. With his expertise and the newest innovations on the market today, he can give you that young, full, pouty look you use to have.

Dr. Basner recommends fat grafting for many of his patients seeing that full, pouty look. This procedure is done by using the patient's own fat that has been removed from areas such as the tummy or buttocks. It is washed and then re-injected into the lips. While this is probably a fairly safe procedure, it has been for the fat to reabsorb rather quickly, leave the lips deflated.

The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland also offers other fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm. These are made from human collagen and can be expensive since they are not permanent and have to be refreshed every so often to main a constant look. The upside is they do not require skin testing to check for allergic reaction and the treatment is usually done under 10 minutes for the average patient. There is possible side effect such as slight bruising, redness and swelling at the injection site, all normal of any injection site and last less than three weeks.

There are over the counter products on the market now that promise fuller, pouty lips too. Products such as lip glosses and lipsticks as well as other types of topical preparations that claim to have special ingredients that will produce those full lips you want in just a few short weeks. They vary widely in price from under ten dollars to as much as $40 an more. Some of these have resulted with side effects of burns, mouth sores, empty pockets and no full lips.

Even though some of these cosmetic companies have natural components in their formulas, they can be misleading. Any topical applied product is not going to deliver the same look as a collagen injection. With ingredients such as caffeine, cinnamon, niacin and peppermint that cause temporary swelling, they give you that look of fuller, pouty lips.

If you are concerned with how your lips are looking these days, call The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland today. A complementary consultation with Dr. Adam Basner will provide you suggestions and answer any questions you may have. The common goal here is to give you back that youthful, glowing smile!