Don't Let The Sun Go Down On You!

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Summer will be here before we know it and the staff at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland knows that many of us will start getting ready by hitting the tanning beds. Every one wants to get a jump start on our tan and not look so pale when we start stepping out in shorts. Many individuals will go to any length to be in fashion treating a golden tanned skin as a fashion accessory and statement.

However, if you know the side effects and the evidence of how tanning beds can damage skin, you may think twice before paying that membership to the tanning salon. The evidence is overwhelming and starting with the fact that tanning booths make your skin look older, not to mention the more prominent fact that skin disease and death have been linked to tanning beds.

It is the thought by many people to look young and glamorous, we must be tanned. What many of those people don't realize is the long term effects from ultraviolet rays actually can make you look older. Frequent sun bathers and tanning booth users damage their DNA which makes wrinkles happen quicker. What many people don't understand is that UV radiation effects from the sun or the UV radiation effects from tanning beds are the equal. Ultra violet radiation causes all three types of cancers, which Dr. Basner explains here:

One of the most dangerous cancers that comes from too much exposure to the sun, whether direct or by way of tanning beds, is Malignant Melanoma. This cancer develops in the skin cells that where our skin pigmentation comes from. In the past 30 years or more, this kind of melanoma has multiplied to a greater extent than other forms of cancer. Experts say that over 80 percent of death from skin cancer in the United States is from this type of cancer.

The next cancer that is more common is Basal Cell Carcinoma. These small cancers usually appear on the ears, face, nose or scalp as a red pr a shiny pink lump.

The second most common type of skin cancer is Squamous Cell Carcinoma. As the Basal Cel Carinoma cancer, it too will show up as pink lumps. It then will begin to look scaly then turns into a sore. These pink lumps are found on the arms, ears, face, legs, lips, neck and shoulders. The pink lumps associated with this cancer can turn ulcerated and bleed.

So why when this information is readily available and the knowledge is there to know these UV rays are not safe no matter the source, why do some people still use tanning salons by the millions? Again, because as a collective group of people, we think that to look young and glamorous, we must be tanned.

Another danger besides skin cancer is the damage to your eyes. Damage to the eyes is another critical matter that is from the effect of using tanning beds. Dr. Basner always recommends that his patients wear protective eye gear when stepping out in the sun or a tanning booth. eye wear. Exposure to ultraviolet rays can not only bring about cataracts, but in the long run, ultraviolet exposures from the sun or tanning booth have been known to lead to blindness.

Damaged retinas and macula degeneration have also been associated with extensive exposure of Ultraviolet rays. As well the Ultraviolet exposure deepens even another problem in regards to the tissue growth connected to the white parts of the eyes.

Another area to consider as you lay in the tanning booth is the damage to your DNA. This is only second in the devastation effects that tanning beds cause. A form of mutation can be the result when your body's defense mechanisms are handicapped by extended exposure to Ultraviolet radiation. The basic cell-like construction of the body is compromised which takes away and defense against cancer that the body has naturally.

Even though tanning bed ultraviolet rays do not burn like those you get in direct sun, they go deeper in the skin, causing more damage. Thus the ultraviolet rays from a tanning bed are more dangerous than the ultraviolet rays from the sun.

if you have a life-time membership at the the tanning salon or go out to the beach all summer, give Dr. Basner a call at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland for a consultation*. Getting a check up for your skin before summer can be a life saving step!