Dry, Itchy, Red – HELP!

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Having flaky, itchy, tight skin can be painful and uncomfortable. Then in an attempt to correct the problem, you could be unwittingly making your complexion look like a month-old rice cake. It can be easy to make mistakes when dealing dry skin. However, there are solutions that aren't as confusing and costly as you may think.

The first thing you need to determine is if you are experiencing dehydrated skin or dry skin. There is a difference and it's not unusual for people tend to treat them the same. Dry skin is really uncommon, but how can you know the difference? When your skin is dehydrated, it won't glow or have a natural sheen to it. When you skin is dehydrated, it will have a tendency to be flaky. When you have dry skin, your pores are very tiny and the skin is tight, it won't be pliable.

How to correct either of these problems? Begin by setting up a regiment to moisturize your skin just a regularly as you brush your teeth. You should begin your day by applying a rich moisturizer in the mornings and again at night. The morning application will replenish the water your skin lost overnight while you were sleeping and the night application locks in moisture after you have cleansed your face before going to bed. Regardless if your skin is dry or oily, avoiding sun damage is a must! Sunscreen should be applied daily, regardless.

Your eyes and lips are delicate areas and special attention should be given to them. When they are missing moisture, fine lines appear. Use a gentle, hydrating eye cream will make the lines less obvious while a good lip balm replaces moisture you loose. Ingredients like shea butter or sweet almond oil are best for these delicate areas.

The second mistake many people with dry or dehydrated skin will make is over aggressive exfoliate. People will commonly exfoliate with the plant to scrub flakes away, but that is not the most effective tactic. Exfoliating dry skin can actually irritate dry or dehydrated skinand make it inflamed and more painful. Harsh cleansers and peels are just as bad on dry or dehydrated skin too.

Instead of taking the 'rough' approach of exfoliating, your skin needs a more TLC approach to care. Each time you shower and wash your face, use a gentle face scrub and in moderation. Those foaming products that contain sulfates and gel cleansers should be avoided. Most of these products have abrasive detergents that will divest your skin of moisture. Start your day with a small amount of water on your face. Chances are, if you cleansed your face properly the night before, it didn't get dirty while you were sleeping for a more rigorous cleaning.

Often people with dehydrated or dry skin will try to overcompensate by using rich or heavy products. Those creams that are heavy in and super rich are too hard for your skin to absorb. The molecules these products are made of will just sit on your skin and won't be doing it any good.

Instead, find a serum product with finer molecules that will penetrate into your skin giving it the moisture it needs. Use this serum product before your moisturizer so that it will lock in an effective level of hydration. Products that contain ingredients such as licorice and soy extracts will behave as anti-inflammatory that will lessen the irritation and skin redness. Products that carry hydraulic acid and niacinamide ingredients will also add hydration and minimize itching and tightness.

If you have tried every product and method conceivable on the market and you’re still suffering from dry or dehydrated skin, seek help from a professional. If you have the fine lines and wrinkles left behind from years of dehydrated or dry skin and want to make them disappear, give Dr. Adam Basner a call at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland. A consultation* could give you the direction you need and after a successful surgery, ask Dr. Basner’s staff about the products we suggest for taking care of that dehydrated or dry skin going forward.

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