Fall Is In The Air

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As summer fades away, so does the summer humidity and the top layer of your skin, the epidermis. Your skin will begin to lose moisture, and as if that isn't enough to worry with outside, your home will start affecting your skin too. The heating in your home, regardless if it's central heat system, fireplaces, space heaters, gas or electric, it is a definite drying effect for skin.

The staff at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland wants to remind you that this is why you need to make modifications to your skin care act. You to find a way to override any destructive effects that changes in the environment can have to your skin.

To combat inside elements, one of the healthiest, simplest and low-cost remedies you can do for your skin is use a humidifier in the room you are in most, such as your bedroom. For combating the outside elements, there are many solutions that have been tried and are still the best. Regardless if you are using prescription skincare products, products recommended by a dermatologist, or just over-the-counter products, some of the same needs are met by each of them.

Dr. Basner reminds all of his patients to remember, even though it's not summer time, protect your face every day! Make sure you replenish, repair and most of all Exfoliate! Exfoliating your face removes the layer of dead skin cells that dull your skin and minimizes dryness and flakiness. A weekly routine of gentle exfoliating is recommended to keep skin cells turning. If exfoliating is new to your regiment, begin on an area that is not 100% visible to see how your skin reacts.

The next important step is to Moisturize!! Exfoliating won't do much good if you don't give your face moisturizing afterward. While there's no firm rule or product for everyone, it is recommended to change over to moisturizer that is more dense and rich for fall and winter. For certain, choose one that has SPF protection!

Don't forget to invest in a good night cream too! Some products on the market today are good for both day and night, each person will have different results from different products. Find the ones that work best for you. When you are asleep, there is no better time re-hydrate your skin. It's clean and makeup-free and not exposed to outside elements. There are many top quality products on the market and a wide variety of prices.

A couple of additional things you can do are things you do daily already, just pick the product with care. Such as with the cold season right around the corner, one of the best things you can do for your face is use the facial tissues that have moisturizing lotion made in them. For the cook, when using olive oil, don't wash it off! Rub it in – a great natural moisturizer that's right at your finger tips, literally!

Maybe this blog made it to you after too many years of not taking proper care of your skin? Don't worry, Dr. Basner and the team at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland is here to provide you a consultation. Make your appointment today and come discuss your concerns and problems with Dr. Basner. There are many procedures that can get your skin back to that youthful look so that you can start taking care of it better now!