FAQs about Double-Chin Melting Kybella® Injections

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Questions about Kybella Double Chin TreatmentWhat is Kybella?

An FDA-approved treatment for moderate to severe fat beneath your chin ("submental" fat). Using a series of Kybella injections, Dr. Adam Basner will place the prescription medication into targeted areas beneath your chin. Kybella absorbs fat cells, improving the appearance of your chin and jaw contour.

Is it safe?

Kybella has been FDA approved for treating submental fat, but it is not without the risk of certain side effects, and some people may not be great candidates for Kybella. Dr. Basner makes sure you understand the risk of side effects so that you can decide if it's the right treatment for you.

How long will the results last?

Once the fat cells are destroyed, those particular cells can't accumulate fat again. You should not need any retreatment with Kybella after the desired effect is achieved.

How many times will I need to go in for an injection appointment?

The number of treatments depends on the severity and nature of the fat under your chin. In each session, multiple injections are made into the submental fat. You may need anywhere between 2 and 6 sessions, spaced at least a month apart.

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