Five Popular Cosmetic Procedures

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Do you create a laundry list of sorts for your New Year’s resolutions every year? Then forget about them or give up on them even quicker than you made the list? If getting your body back in shape is one of the things on your list, Dr. Basner and the staff at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland can help you.

Dr. Basner is an experienced, board certified surgeon specializing in Cosmetic Surgery, surgical and non-surgical. If you are considering what to put on your New Years Resolution list or maybe you want to get in shape before the holiday season starts, call to to set your appointment with Dr. Basner.

Many individuals come to our offices here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland with a just one or two things they want to change about their body. Then there are those who come in with a list of things they don't like about their body. Dr. Basner will listen to your thoughts and wants, then offer you advise for what he sees to be the best options for you.

The five most requested cosmetic procedures that Dr. Basner's patients want include:

Makeover for Mom: This is the one request that can take several cosmetic procedures to bring a mother's body back to what it was before pregnancies.

The Tummy Tuck: This Cosmetic Procedure takes removing excess fat and skin from the midsection as well as the lower part of the abdomen, then tighten the muscles in the abdominal area.

The Breast: Women who have had children or have not had children, will request this procedure. Dr. Basner enhances the shape and size of the breasts by inserting implants made of either saline or silicone.

Various Liposuction: This Cosmetic Procedure removes excess fat pockets by suctioning it while Dr. Basner sculpts the body sot that it appears slimmer and smoother all over.

Reduce Male Breast: It is not uncommon for some men to have large breasts, medically called gynecomastia. Dr. Basner can make the male chest more masculine with either liposuction or skin excision.

Other methods of improving your looks can be non-surgical such as facial rejuvenation. There are options available that will give you that youthful appearance back in short visits at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland.

So whether you are wanting to get a new you before the holiday parties or your working on your New Years Resolutions for a new you, give us a call to at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland. Make your appointment for a consultation* with Dr. Basner and let us help Reveal The Beauty In You.