Five Problems Of Quick, Cheap Procedures

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It seems like every day, somebody has a new way to get rid of unwanted bulges. Liposuction has become a popular choice, but we are starting to see Lipo-Alternatives now and experts warn that what they tout may not be what you get.

Marketing gimmicks are showing results that may or not be what you had in mind when you opted for that procedure. Many qualified doctors such as Dr. Adam Basner have many new patients come to them needing correction to botched jobs they received elsewhere.

Five problems that patients have experienced:

What You Are Promised Isn't What You Get

It may be advertised as a Lipo-Alternative, but in reality, there is no alternative to Liposuction. Chances are this low cost, new technology isn't going to give you what it's promising.

Spot Treatment Not Possible

You may have only one area that you need fat removed from, but an experienced professional like Dr. Adam Basner will be able to advise you if that fatty area is caused by fat in another area. The new trend of just removing areas of fat only have left many patients lopsided.

Body Proportion Gets Lopsided

Many of these new lipo-alternatives are by machine and not a human, so the control factor is not the same. A machine can't evaluate the work as it's working like an experienced, professional surgeon such as those here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland. A qualified surgeon will keep your body in proper proportion.

New Technology - New Problems

Continued from Step 1 above, keep in mind that new procedures may have not been fully tested yet before being put out on the market. There is always the chance that the new procedure you are considering may not work. The risk of complications can be high and if you need the procedure repaired by another procedure, it's a waste of money.

Throwing Money Away

As anything in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is and this included these new quick lipo-alternative procedures. These new miracle procedures usually don't give the results that patients are looking to have the first time. It may take several follow up visits or changing the process altogether and seek help elsewhere. You didn't get the fat in a flip of a switch -you won't get rid of it that easy either.


To get rid of that stubborn fat areas, research doctors and then ask questions. Keep your expectations reasonable and remember, that just because a clinic has the latest up-to-date equipment, doesn't mean they are fully trained and have the knowledge and experience like a professional such as Dr. Adam Basner.

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