Five Reason Alcohol Doesn't Mix With Surgery

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Winding down 2012 now that we are in December, the holiday party season starts. This time of the year, Dr. Basner will see many patients here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland that are considering having a face lift, brow lift, tummy tuck or any of the other various cosmetic procedures in preparation of looking their best for these parties. We all want to look our best at our spouses company parties, right?

This is all fine and good, but you need to take heed to mixing alcohol and your surgery period, before and after, before you decide to go ahead with that tummy tuck. To have a successful plastic surgery, Dr. Basner strongly recommends you celebrate your holidays with non-alcoholic beverages. Why?

1. Swelling You want your body to be that perfect size and shape after surgery just as quick as possible. However, consuming alcohol will cause your blood vessels to widen thus making your body swell. Believe it or not, the nose is the most susceptible part of your party when it comes to swelling due to alcohol.

2. Bleeding A recovery period is a necessity after any surgery that is invasive. Alcohol will slow this process down greatly because it thins the blood. As such, it can make you very susceptible to bleeding should you have an accident, even cutting yourself a lime for that next drink.

3. Pain Alcohol is great to help us get through painful times such as emotional pain of a breakup or loss of a friend. However, when you are talking about physical pain, such as what you may experience after a cosmetic procedure, it won't do the same. It can also impair how the pain medications you are prescribed by Dr. Basner work too.

4. Medication Dangers Not only will alcohol lessen the effects of your medication, many medication can have adverse reaction when mixed with alcohol.

5. Dry Skin Alcohol makes you go to the bathroom more – as they say, you're only renting it for a short while. So why bother having a cosmetic procedure done to look younger if you are only going to out party? Alcohol dries out the skin. Dry skin makes you look old.

So before you decide December is the time for that Face Lift or Tummy Tuck, make sure in your mind that you can forgo the booze at the holiday parties. If not, it may be to your best interest to wait till after the New Year.

At The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, we will do our best to make sure you get the Beautiful Natural Results you want on our end. Make sure you hold up to your end!