Flabby Arms Just-A-Swinging?

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Individuals with droopy, sagging underarm skin due to excessive weight loss or the passage of time that aging brings us, may try all the exercise routines out there and still can’t get rid of it. Now they can find relief at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland from Dr. Adam Basner.

With Dr. Basner’s skills as a surgeon and the advanced procedures now available, the shape of your body can be improved by eliminating and tightening the excess skin that is hanging from your upper arms.

A brachioplasty is a surgical procedure also known as an arm lift, and will give you the trim and shapely upper arms of your younger days. Performed on an outpatient basis, within two to three hours at the offices of The Plastic Surgery Center Of Maryland, under general anesthetic. Dr. Basner may recommend some patients to have this procedure performed at local hospital under intravenous sedation if there is concern of other medical complications arising.

Dr. Basner will begin the arm lift procedure by making incisions in the back and inside sections of the arm. Once the incisions are made, he will extract the excess fatty tissue using liposuction. He then trims the extra skin and stitches all back into place. Depending on the patient, he may use sutures that will dissolve or you may need to return to have them removed after a few weeks.

While you will see the results of a shapely arm right away, some bruising and swelling should be expected during recovery. Dr. Basner may prescribe pain medication or recommend over the counter medications to help ease any soreness and discomfort that you may experience. Within two to three days, any swelling and bruising will begin to face and usually disappears completely in approximately two weeks.

Some patients are prescribed a compression garment to assist the skin to hold fast to the surgical site. Most patients can begin showering after a week and return to work within three weeks, maybe less. Dr. Basner recommends that any heavy lifting and excessive exercise be avoided up to six weeks.

So if you have gone through a weight loss and still have some flab hanging around reminding you of yesteryear, or just Mother Nature and gravity are pulling at your arms, take relief in knowing that Dr. Basner has a solution for you that’s just a phone call away.