Form & Function: How Plastic Surgery can Improve Your Senses

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There is a tendency in the media and elsewhere to associate cosmetic surgery with superficiality. While it's true that an improved appearance is often the primary purpose, good surgeons take the biological function of the surgical area into account as well. There is often an opportunity to improve function as well as form.

The best example of this is eyelid surgery. Aging and/or hereditary factors can result in droopy eyelids that significantly impair sight. People 35 and over who undergo eyelid surgery often experience a noticeable improvement in their eyesight.

Rhinoplasty can include repair of a deviated septum, which is a common cause of sleep disorders. Improved sleep can result in a dramatic improvement in overall health.

While it's not entirely understood, there has recently been a trend of successfully treating migraine sufferers with Botox. It works wonders for some people, but the results are temporary. Plastic surgery, specifically the brow lift, has also been successful in reducing the incidence of migraines.

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