Full, Sexy Eyelashes Can Be Yours

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At The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, our goal is Revealing The Beauty In You. As such, we know that your eyes are the focal point of your face. People look you in the eye to determine who you are and what you're feeling, what you're thinking. A big part of your eyes are your eyelashes.

Unfortunately, losing your eyelashes sometimes happens and is normal. As we get older our lashes tend to thin out over time and this is completely normal. Putting too much stress and trauma on your lashes can cause permanent damage to your follicles, such as false eyelashes or plucking your eyelashes.

Other causes of eyelash loss is rubbing an eye infection or when you have allergies. Such as rubbing your eyes when they water from allergies instead of gently wiping them strains them. The good new is that for these reasons, most people lashes grow back.

However, there are several diseases that cause eyelashes to fall out too, and from that they will not grow back. Diseases such as the autoimmune disease, Alopecia Areata. This disease affects the scalp causing your hair to come out in clumps and it is not treatable. Another disease is Hypothyroidism, most commonly suffered by women with an under active thyroid, which thins the eye lashes and is treatable.

Today, with advances in medicines and technology, there are eye treatment creams like Obagi Elastiderm Eye Creams and Latisse. With both of these, having those classic beautiful eyes can be yours again.

Elastin is the protein that provides elasticity to your skin, and stops producing around puberty. Collagen is the protein that creates the full look, and like Elastin, starts disappearing as we age. Thus the wrinkles and lines start appearing, making us look older.

Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream, creates a youthful eyes by reviving the production of those proteins that left you so few years ago. Treating the area around the eyes also makes that collagen and Elastin insoluble fibers so they last longer than any other product you may try off the shelf. Most of Dr. Basner's patients report the fine lines and wrinkles disappear within two weeks, although some patients may have different results.

Latisse, is a cosmetic treatment that is prescribed for sufferers of Hypotrichosis. It increases your eyelashes, making your lashes fuller and longer. Some patients who have taken the Obagi treatment for removing lines and wrinkles around they eyes may want to complete the look by having Latisse treatment to fill out their eyelashes if they are wanting in appearance.

Are you noticing your eyelashes getting thinner and thinner, almost non-existent? Call The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland today and make your appointment for a consultation with Dr. Adam Basner. After a quick exam and interview, he will make recommendations based on what's good for you.

After all, Revealing The Beauty In You starts with your eyes.