Get That Youthful Look And Raise Those Brows!

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A common complaint from women about their aging process is the start of heavy creases and lines on the forehead and over the bridge of their nose. Often times, some women will seek a face lift to be rid of these tell-tale aging signs. However, a face lift may not be the right option for some. A brow lift could be the best solution for those who are concerned with forehead creases.

A forehead lift decreases those deep creases as well as the scowl lines that extends between the eyebrows. For patients that have sagging brows which can also cause their eyelids to sag over their eyes, having a brow lift procedure will move the eyebrows up getting rid of the sagging and reestablish the youthful look that we all want.

Dr. Basner may recommend combining a forehead lift in concurrence with a facelift when the goal to to tighten lower and mid-facial areas. Some patients may ask about pairing their brow lift and eyelid surgery to get rid of any surplus skin they have around their eye area.

At The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, we have patients that have combined an eyebrow lift procedure and non-surgical procedures as well. Skin resurfacing or Botox treatments are common pairs for several of our patients. Dr. Basner will make recommendations of what he feels is best for each patients particular goals and needs.

Dr. Basner and our staff here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland strongly recommend that if you smoke, you should stop several weeks prior to your procedure. Bring your current list of any medication to your consultation as well. It may be recommended to stop consuming some medications and supplements as they could increase bleeding. You will also want to advise your regular doctor that you are considering such a procedure as well and make sure both doctors have each others contact information and all your records.

Patients with short hair may want to grow it out prior to their procedure in order to blanket their incisions till healed. Post surgery you will be instructed not to do any chemical processing to your hair for a period of time, thus you may want to schedule any hair coloring prior to your procedure. After your procedure is done, The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland will require that you have somebody there to take you home.

Prior to your procedure, Dr. Basner will instruct you on the bandages and over-the-counter items you will need, such as ice packs, when you get home. As well, he may prescribe medication that you will need to pick up at your pharmacy. Your wardrobe should consist of button-down clothes to avoid pulling clothing over your face.

During your consultation, ask questions! The more educated and informed you are, the better your results will be. Dr. Basner and The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland are more than happy to answer those questions and ease your concerns. We are to help you Reveal The Beauty In You. Give us a call today and schedule your appointment!