Get Your Beautiful Natural Results In 2013

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It's no secret, Americans are getting fatter every year. As such, we are seeking ways to loose that fat, such as Bariatric Surgery. Then we want to fix the flaws that the obesity leaves behind, such as the flabby skin. While it is always the better to diet and exercise to lose that fat and tighten the skin as you go, that doesn't work as quick for most of us. We want things now.

So it has become common that after a patient has undergone Bariatric Surgery, many will come to The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland seeking a cosmetic procedure such as face lifts, tummy tucks and thigh lifts. Dr. Adam Basner can perform a contouring surgery such as these that will remove the excess fat and skin left behind from the Bariatric Surgery. He can also tighten other areas of the body to give them a firmer look as well, giving the patient an attractive and natural look.

Dr. Adam Basner always recommends those that come to The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland delay any contour surgery until they have reached their goal weight and their body has stabilized from the Bariatric Surgery. This is to make sure there are no medical issues like diabetes, heart disease, or obstruction such as sleep apnea.

Body contouring is effective and choosing a surgeon like Dr. Adam Basner will assure you are getting experience not only in the surgery, but before with advise and afterward with follow up. Knowing you have put your body in the best hands possible at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland is one step to having the new you ready for 2013. Beautiful Natural Results are our goal here. Give us a call today to make your appointment for a consultation.