Great Skin Care Products Are Important To Great Looking Skin!

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Not only does Dr. Basner recommend good skin care products and encourage good skin care to his patients, The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland also offers a line of Skin Care Products. Two products that are well known in the area of skin care, we offer the Topix® and Obagi, both of which have the excitement of patients and the backing by many skin care physicians. They can assist in preventing skin damage and wrinkling for the patients that are not ready for surgical procedures as well as enhancing the results of cosmetic surgery.

Obagi skin care products are one the latest in helping people find a way to look beautiful and keep their youthful glow. Dr. Basner recommends the product Ogagi as a skin restoration system. The Ogagi skin care product works both on the surface of the skin as well as deep under the skin too. The Ogagi skin care product is a medical manner than a cosmetic product, all the better for your skin.

So what exactly does the Obagi skin care products do for you? Collagen is a chemical that is in your skin. First it stimulates the collagen in your face which helps to remove wrinkles. The circulation and nutrients are increased when using these revolutionary products which help create soft, healthy looking skin.

The staff at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland will show you the best method and process of using the Obagi skin care products to get the most of it promoting the fresh skin cells and reducing wrinkles. The Obagi skin care products will rejuvenate as well as balance the pH level of your skin too with a regular regiment of use.

After spending the summer in the sun, the Obagi skin care products will help reduce those age spots and freckles as well as prevent any new ones from appearing. All at the same time, it is producing more collagen and making the skin softer. This line of exceptional skin care product promotes better skin structure.

Ready to get started in creating that better skin structure that has fewer wrinkles, spots and make it soft again? Call for your appointment today with Dr. Basner at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland for your consultation.