Hand Lifts Catching on Due to Engagement Selfies

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Plastic surgeon professionals and dermatologists are reporting a rise in hand lifts, a new cosmetic surgery, due to the “engagement selfie”—that near-spontaneous moment when a future bride’s engagement ring is captured on camera and then uploaded to a social media network.

Let’s take a look at how engagement selfies contributed to the rise of non-invasive plastic surgery.

Engagement selfie plastic surgery on the rise

The Reason for the Rise of Engagement Selfies

Generally, selfies document our daily lives. No event goes unseen—including the moment the ring goes on. Future brides want their engagement photos to represent the happiness they feel, and so they’re turning to new methods of plastic surgery to rejuvenate their hands to capture that perfect moment.

With hand lifts, brides are finding their engagement photos as effective as plastic surgery before and after photos—the key to feeling younger and more beautiful.

Skin Peels: The Selfie-Solution to Perfect Engagement Photos

If you want your hands to be engagement-ready, you can turn to non-invasive plastic surgery such as skin peels and fillers. Skin peels can work to revitalize your skin and reveal a radiant, younger-looking you.

Plastic surgeon professionals are also turning to fillers such as Juvéderm to provide the look that brides-to-be are looking for.

Pre-Engagement Tips for Before and After Plastic Surgery

If you anticipate an engagement in the coming days, be sure to plan your skin peel plastic surgery in advance. Newer, fresher skin emerges over a few days’ time after a skin peel, so you’ll want to visit your plastic surgeon beforehand. And the only thing to do after the plastic surgery is to show off that ring—and your beautiful, new skin!

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