Healthy Skin Is Yours To Have

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Your skin tells the story of your life. From the scars of teen year acne to stretch marks of pregnancy to the dark spot of sun worshiping. Each of these can leave the tale-tell signs you would rather it didn't, but it also tells people who you are and what kind of person you are. With that being in said, The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland would like to offer you some simple health steps you can do that will keep your skin looking fabulous, no matter your age, for years to come.

Acne and Eczema: Your teenage years aren't the only time you will experience skin problems due to your hormones. At any age, male or female, stress can bring on eczema and usually around the face and hands. For women, your period will bring about acne especially around the chin, mouth and nose areas.

Once you hit your 30s, how to treat acne for adults is different than when you're a teenager. First it is usually more inflammatory where teens experience the blackheads and whiteheads so a product containing Retin-A or benzoyl peroxide are best. Dr. Adam Basner recommends soothing that eczema with a fragrance-free, gentle cleanser.

Dark Spots:

Due to high levels of estrogen while pregnant, many women have the best, clearest skin ever. However, pregnancy also sends your hormones on a roller coaster ride which can play havoc on your skin too. While it usually clears up after delivery, some women will have dark splotches on their face.

If you aren't satisfied with how your own make up is covering these issues, Dr. Adam Basner may be able to prescribe a cream that contains lightening agents.

Skin Cancer Signs:

The damage you have done to your skin from overexposure in the sun will start to show up in your middle age years. Often this includes signs of skin cancer. However, if you are catching it early enough, you have almost 100% chance of treating it with success. Dr. Adam Basner recommends monthly self-checks for anything that is suspicious, especially moles that are of odd shape and color. Every part of your body is possible for cancer, including your feet.

Red Splotches, Small Bumps and Spider Veins:

This conditions often lead to a diagnosis of rosacea. Too much alcohol, hot weather, sun and spicy foods even can trigger this condition. When you experience flare-ups, a makeup with green tint will camouflage the redness

Experts recommend sensitive-skin products if you’re prone to flare-ups, camouflage the redness with green-tinted makeup. There are serums on the market that contain caffeine which is a wonderful antidote as well.

The Over 40 Woman

At this age, dry, flaky, red spots on the cheeks, forehead and nose are common. Again, too much sun is the culprit and should be checked for cancerous cells. Men and women both may notice growths on their chest, back as well as skin tags. These are usually safe, just ugly. An appointment with your regular doctor can get these removed easily.

As we age, our thyroids change and estrogen level drops. Thus your skin's natural oiling slows letting your skin dry out and become thin. Avoid steaming hot bathes or harsh soap.

Growing old isn't an option, but having the best skin possible is an option. With these simple reminders, The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland hopes that it helps you find your beauty and bring it out to the top. If you have any questions, give Dr. Basner a call and schedule your consultation.