How Safe Is Skin Laser Treatment?

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One of the most effective and safest ways to treat acne treatment is using the technology of Laser. A very precise technology that skilled trained doctors such as Dr. Adam Basner that only the area of skin that needs treatment is affected. Afterward, patients are given a cooling gel that will eliminate the skin becoming burned.

While most patients at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland experience a painless procedure painless and are able to schedule their treatment during lunch, getting back to the office and nobody knows the difference. Other patients may prefer to schedule their treatment when they have some time off to recover, especially if they feel they may be susceptible to side effects.

For most, the treatment is not painful but they experience some discomfort, much like being popped by a rubber band. This could be especially true when a laser treatment on a sensitive, tender area of your body. Dr. Basner may use a prescription anesthetic cream to during the procedure to make the patient more comfortable.

As safe and widespread as laser acne treatment is today, it is a medical procedure, and Dr. Basner will discuss the possible side effects prior to your treatment. Every patient is different, but the majority of side effects experienced are mild. Such as the area treated is sometimes red and swollen. It is usually recommended that you plan your treatment prior to attending any function and to wait before applying make up, letting the treated area heal. This is usually the most needed for recovery time for the majority of patients.

Should Dr. Basner prescribe any creams or medications for you afterward, follow direction exactly for the best results. Stave off any scratching or scrubbing of your skin to eliminate any possible further irritation. Avoid the sun for a few weeks as laser treated skin can be susceptible to greater sun damage.

When you make your appointment with Dr. Basner for a consultation*, ask questions! Revealing The Beauty In You is even more possible for Dr. Basner when you are an educated and informed patient.