How to Choose the Right Size for Breast Implants

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Choosing the right size for your breast implants is one of the most important decisions you can make if you decide to go through with breast augmentation. Before we get into the different methods of choosing breast implants, know that your best resource will always be a board certified plastic surgeon.

Like many forms of cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation is typically chosen by women for aesthetic reasons. Most women who go through with breast enhancement feel their breasts are too small or not proportionate to the rest of their bodies. It’s important to note that the best way to decide what size your breast implants should be is with your plastic surgeon. A reliable plastic surgeon offers a valuable perspective to women considering breast enhancement from years of experience in the field. The bra size or cup size that women may think they want to have, might not be the best fit for their body types. With technology today, plastic surgeons have reliable methods of showing you what your new breast size will be. At the Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, Dr. Basner has special garments designed to hold breast implants in place so you can admire the possibilities for your figure and determine which options are best for your lifestyle.

Here is some breast augmentation advice from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to consider before you make your consultation in our Baltimore office:

-  Be frank and open in discussing size so that there is clear communication, from the beginning, between you and your plastic surgeon.

-  Select several photographs from magazines illustrating ideal proportions, and show these to your plastic surgeon as a way to begin the communication process. The examples should be of individuals with a similar body type to yours.

-  Don’t define your desired breast size only in terms of bra-cup size. Cup size can vary significantly among bra styles and manufacturers.

-  Plastic surgeons sometimes have implants in the office that are used for patients to “try on” different sizes by stuffing them inside their bra. Do the same thing at home, using plastic bags filled with oatmeal, and see how various sizes look in different types of clothing.

-  Maintain realistic objectives and don’t assume that bigger is always better. Implants that are too large not only will upset the aesthetic balance of your figure, they also may be more prone to sagging and ultimately give you a “matronly” look. The best approach is to select implants that will look like a natural part of your body.

In addition to choosing the right size for breast implants, there are other important decisions to make including type of breast implants, texture, shape, profile, and diameter. If you would like to know more information about these additional features, visit our breast augmentation page. And if you’re in the metro Baltimore area, schedule your breast augmentation consultation* today. Contact: The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland (410) 616-3000.