I Hate My Nose - Part 2

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As we discussed in part 1 of this series 'I Hate My Nose', Rhinoplasty is the fourth common cosmetic procedure that is popular among both men and women alike. What many don’t realize is that Rhinoplasty is not only for cosmetic purpose, but often times there is a medical need for this procedure as well.

We also discussed how Rhinoplasty procedures have improved over the years. Improvements in the techniques and materials now result in a more natural look and the mishaps of the past are fewer. However, there is still some risk involved in having rhinoplasty procedure performed.

Just as any surgery, there are pros and cons that you should consider that can help you make a better, informed decision. Here in Part 2 of 'I Hate My Nose' we are going to discuss those pros and cons.

Con Number 1

One of the first cons to consider, there is always a chance that you won’t like the outcome. This is not the most common negative to having a Rhinoplasty procedure, but it has happened. When the bandages first come off, allow some adjustment time, getting use to the final product.

If you explained your desired outcome to your surgeon and they conveyed to you what is possible in your situation so that there was clear understanding on both sides, this con is very unlikely to happen.

Con Number 2

If the surgeon removes too much tissue, the nasal structure can collapse, leaving you with a deformed nose. Or you may end up with a nose that doesn’t fit the rest of your face, such as ending up with a nose that doesn’t fit your ethnic facial features. When you interview a surgeon for your procedure, bring a picture of what you are wanting for results, much like you do a hair dresser for a new hair style.

Con Number 3

Health risks are the biggest con to consider. Any surgery involves risk but the statistics of Rhinoplasty procedures show the risk to be very low. This is an invasive surgery which means your body is cut open and making it susceptible to bleeding, infection and other complications. The use of anesthesia is always a risk as well. Some patients will experience a result of small red spots which are blood vessels that have bursts. This is a rare happening, but it is permanent.

Con Number 4

There will be some very slight scarring at the base of the nostrils. Most of the incisions, resculpting and reshaping are done inside the nostrils. What little incisions are made on the outside at the base of the nostril will heal to be invisible to the naked eye.

Con Number 5

Recovery can be uncomfortable and not leaving you looking your best, for awhile anyway. You can expect bruising and swelling around your eyes, this will fade within a week or two. The feeling of a stuffy nose, bleeding and headache are all common and pass within a week or two as well. Applying cold compresses will ease the discomfort.

A splint and nasal packing will be applied after your surgery that maintains the shape and protects your nose. You will need to breathe through your mouth till the packing is removed. The splint and sutures are removed within a week. You can expect to have some swelling for a short period of time and for some patients, it can last almost a year. However, it is so slight that only you and your surgeon will notice it.

Pro Number 1

While any strenuous activity such as sports need to be eliminated for as long as three weeks, you can be back to work or school within a week in most cases. Your eyewear such as glasses will need to rest on your cheeks and forehead for up to four weeks and rubbing your nose must be avoided! It is recommended to keep your exposure to sun at a minimum for about two months.

Pro Number 2

The big pro to Rhinoplasty is the obvious – the end results! If the procedure is performed for cosmetic reasons, your self-confidence, self-esteem are boosted and improved. If the procedure is performed for medical reasons, the ease of breathing will be beneficial to your whole body.

While the list of cons is longer than the list of pros in having a Rhinoplasty procedure performed, the cons are bigger in the end. Consider all the facts, ask questions and dig into your deepest feelings. Get educated and informed and put yourself in the position that when you make the decision, it is the right decision for you.