I Want To Get Rid Of These Ugly Dark Spots!

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Our skin cell production slows and the collagen in our skin decreases as we age. So then our skin will appear darker and the majority of the complexion appears lighter in color. Since we aren't growing new skin cells as fast as we once did, the older layers of skin need to be replaced. Along with less collagen in the skin's layers, the translucent appearance disappears letting pigmented spots appear darker.

There are other factors that affect our skin and cause what is known as age spots too. During pregnancy and during menopause our hormones change. That change in hormones causes the pigment Melanin to increase this is the pigment that changes the color of our skin. So the more Melanin your body produces, the darker your skin will get. Skin that is affected by hormones is usually blotchy and patchy. Another factor to age spots is alcohol. Prolonged and excessive use of alcohol can hinder the body's absorbing nutrients from foods. For most people, the more they drink, the less likely they are to eat the foods that nourishing and good for the skin. As we age, our body absorbs nutrients less already, so for the person that consumes alcohol, it takes even more nutrients away.

Antioxidants are our single defense against free radical damage. All toxins, such as skincare products that contain alcohol, can cause free radical damage. Our skin's reaction to toxins will naturally stimulate melanin, which is an antioxidant, as a protection.

Sun exposure contributes to age spots, freckles and other pigmentation issues. A common factor of people who have dark spots they want to lighten have had exposure to the sun. Although toxins and free radical damage can hasten melanin production, the chief cause of melanin production is sun exposure. Those who take the steps to remove dark age spots and then return to their ways of before, spending excessive time in the sun, will only see those spots return.

While we can't stay inside 24/7, taking the precautions to protect our skin with SPF before and moisturizers afterwards, can slow the process of getting those ugly age spots. An appointment with Dr. Adam Basner at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland will help you determine if the dark spots you have can be removed as easy as having a Skin Peel or if there is something more serious such as skin cancer. Call today for your consultation.