In Development: Plastic Surgery Trends for 2014

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Cosmetic Surgery on the Rise

With half the year already finished, what kinds of plastic surgery trends can we expect to see over the remaining six months? The Aesthetic Meeting 2014 conference that took place in April sought to answer this question. Plastic surgeon and medical professionals gathered in San Francisco, CA to discuss new technologies and popular plastic surgery trends that may develop over the rest of the year.

Continuing Trends from 2013

Plastic surgeon and medical professionals at the conference recognized liposuction as the most popular cosmetic procedure of last year and believed that the desire for these kinds of procedures may continue. They also discussed new technologies that may appear, including non-surgical fat removal procedures that may contribute to this continuing trend. View our liposuction plastic surgery before and after gallery to see what we can do for you before the year is out.

Facial Plastic Surgery Trends

Plastic surgeon professionals also discussed the growing popularity of a new FDA-approved facial filler called Voluma. The filler, created by Juvéderm, adds volume and contour to patients’ cheeks, making for a more youthful profile. Read about our Juvéderm skin treatments to see the amazing effects before and after plastic surgery. The plastic surgery conference was organized to connect plastic surgeon professionals beyond simply sharing plastic surgery before and after pictures with one another, as well as make them aware of growing plastic surgery trends. Hopefully, we have done our part in educating you for what you can expect from the rest of 2014! Contact: The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland (410) 616-3000 Follow Dr. Basner on FacebookTwitter and Goolge+