Is Plastic Surgery Really Necessary For Job Seekers?

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Last May, we discussed the declining job market and economy and how the American Society of Plastic Surgeons held an extensive telephone survey revealed numbers that were surprising, but yet not too surprising. When women were asked if they believe, in these challenging economic times, did appearance and youthful looks play a part in getting hired, getting a promotion? Almost the whole group, 73%, answered yes. That part wasn’t the surprising part. The surprise was the 3% that said they had already had some work done with hopes they would gain an advantage in the workplace.

Maybe it is appalling, shallow or unethical, but for the job seeker that is not confident in their appearance, a cosmetic procedure could be just what they need to get that fresh, youthful edge to nail the job. Let’s face it a youthful look gives off positive associations of vitality and dependability with employers. Cosmetic surgery procedures such as eyelid, nose, brow and complete face lift, can be just what it takes to boost your confidence in keeping a job or going on that coveted job interview.

Another truth of the matter is, obesity is associated in the minds of most people with laziness, emotionally unstable and often times a nasty disposition. Those who may be considered on the obese side know that it is not always correct, but sadly, too many times the book is judged by its cover, not its content. So perhaps considering a procedure that will boost your confidence by defining your figure such as Liposuction, a tummy tuck or thigh lift is in order.

Maybe you have been thinking about this for sometime now and have an idea of a cosmetic procedure or have questions about whether plastic surgery is right for your and your career, call The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland today and make an appointment with Dr. Basner. We will be glad to answer questions, discuss options and provide you with information. In hard times like these, when getting a job and keeping a job can be man eat man, you may need to take every avenue you can.