Is Your New Years Resolution To Quit Smoking?

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Are you aware of the effects of smoking on your skin? Good, healthy skin begins on the inside of our body. The food we eat creates the fuel our body needs by way of nutrients. The nutrients are carried by the blood stream to the cells and organs in our body, with our skin being the largest organ of our body.

When we breathe, we take in oxygen, which is important to our skin. For someone who smokes, their skin is absorbs that smoke instead of oxygen. When we smoke, the vitamin C that our bodies need is blocked by a poisonous carbon monoxide. That carbon monoxide then mixes with the hemoglobin in our blood.

Our skin is remarkable in many ways. Generally, skin repairs itself, unless the natural system is blocked by the chemicals that cigarette smoking replaces the oxygen with. in cigarette smoke, resulting in smokers looking. The skin will lose its natural glow leave a smoker with pale, prematurely aged skin.

As the skin is deprived of the essential vitamin C needed to generate new skin cells, we begin to lose the collagen that helps our skin look healthy and keep that youthful look as long as possible. As we lose more and more collagen, our skin will break down and the wrinkles begin to form and become scaly.

Chain smokers spend a good amount of money on cigarettes. Smoking not only brings various diseases to the smoker, but their appearance will begin to be ugly. Damage to the skin cells is just the beginning. A heavy smoker will have sunken eyes and dark circles around their eyes as well as their lips will lose their natural look and become dark.

If you haven’t set your New Years Resolutions yet and you’re a smoker, make it your resolution to quit smoking now. The sooner you quit smoking, the sooner your skin will begin to return to a healthy glow. With the money you save by not buying tobacco, treat yourself to a facial scrub and massage! Along with a good healthy diet, you can have that youthful skin back soon!