Laser Skin Treatment For Dark Skin

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Until recently, the biggest concern about treating darker skin with cosmetic laser procedures or chemical treatments have been a concern in the world of Dermatology is that both may be too harsh and invasive. Patients with even medium dark skin tone were in danger of resulting burns, excessive peeling and pigment discoloration. The range of skin tones that react safely to cosmetic laser or chemical treatment has been very slim.

In addition to the possibility of burns, excessive peeling and pigment discoloration, there was always the underlying chance of thick, raised scars, called Keloids, afterward. Not only did this leave the skin with a less than desirable texture from the raised scars, it was often itchy and for many patients, it caused emotional pain too.

Any skin color can develop Keloids, however, they are more prominent in skin with darker pigmentation. Today though, Dermatologist such as Dr. Basner have procedures and techniques have improved which is good news for dark skinned people.

At The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, we offer a non-invasive technique that leaves our dark skin patient with very little noticeable signs from procedures like chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Both of these treatments have been success on African American skin. The results are amazing giving our dark skin patients that healthy glow that they could only hope to have in the past.

Dr. Basner still uses an acid for chemical peels, much milder formula than would be used for fair-skinned patients. As these mild acids are applied, the color is evened out and the skin is left feeling smooth.

The other procedure, Microdermabrasion, is much milder than the above described acid treatment. Dr. Basner will uses a material that feels much the same as sandpaper, to buff away the skin's top layers. This leaves a fresh and unblemished layer of skin.

For dark-skinned patients with complexion issues such as Acne or Eczema, laser skin resurfacing has been a great success. By evening out dark discoloration left by scars, this treatment blends them into the patient's natural skin tone and leaves it with its natural texture too.

To determine if laser skin resurfacing is safe for a dark skinned patient, Dr. Basner will perform a small test on an area that is not visible. If this procedure is not right for an individual's skin, it can reduce the pigment and leave the skin blotchy.

Everyone has unwanted hair and sometimes in places that you wish it didn't exist. The technology of laser hair removal in itself is not new, up until now, it has only be suggested use on fair-skinned people that have dark hair.

Today though, The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland offers a new technology that allows almost all skin colors and hair combinations to benefit from this procedure. There are some hair and skin types that could take more sessions to get the best results. The concerns of scarring and other complications however, are rare now.

For African Americans that have been considering having any type of skin laser, hair laser or other cosmetic skin procedures done, make your appointment with Dr. Basner at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland today for a consultation*. Bring your concerns, issues and questions and let Dr. Basner offer you his advise based on his knowledge and skills give you the guidance you need in deciding if you are a good candidate for any of these procedures and treatments.