Liposuction or Tummy Tuck – Which Is Right For You?

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One of the most often asked question Dr. Adam Basner gets during consultations* are patients asking which do they need: Liposuction Procedure or Tummy Tuck Procedure. Well there are a variety of advantages and disadvantages either way, which we will briefly cover here:


Some of us, no matter how much we work out at the gym or at home, still have some problem areas of fat that just won’t disappear. When you have those specific problem areas of fat, Dr. Basner can perform a Liposuction Procedure that eliminates those areas with a few small incisions. However, it won't take away the excessive skin.

Depending on your genetic code, what you're born with, no amount of dieting or exercising will make those areas that collect fat in your body will do any good.

Tummy Tuck

For those who have not only fat they want gone, but have that excessive skin mentioned above, Tummy Tuck may be the direction to take. This is normally women who have given birth, usually multiple times, or anyone that has lost a large amount of weight. A Tummy Tuck procedure will not only get rid of that extra fat that has accumulated, but the extra skin as well.

During your consultation* with Dr. Adam Basner, he will explain the procedure, what you can expect and the possibility of tighten up your ab muscles as well as eliminate any love handles too. With a Tummy Tuck now, you can have your body ready for the beach come Spring Break!